S1 Ep. 17: On Location: Grant Park, Milwaukee, WI

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This week, Mimi and Janine (along with Mimi’s shrinky dink hubby Bill) take you into off the beaten path and into the forest. Seven Bridges has been considered a haunted location for a long time and, on this episode, the ladies will try to prove or disprove the stories told around the campfire. This episode contains SPIDERS, many screaming teens, and some nice busts.

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S1 Ep. 10 The Amazing Jumping Crucifix


This week, Janine shares an oldie but a good-ie, A Haunting in Connecticut, and Mimi introduces us to the ghost of A.W. Priest at the Hearthstone Historic House Museum in Appleton, WI.

This episode contains phantom hay fever, a shoutout to Thomas Edison, an oddball family, and a jumping crucifix.

Disclaimer: Box of eyelids not included.


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NEW EPISODE!!! S1 Ep. 9 Highknocker-ed


S1 Ep. 9 Highknocker=

This week, Mimi takes us to a supposed haunted hot spot, Dartford Cemetery in Green Lake, WI, and Janine enlightens us with tales of immurement, the practice of walling up the faithful and/or the penitent. This episode features a haunted mausoleum, foundational sacrifices, and a conversation about finding the story behind paranormal occurrences. 

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NEW EPISODE AVAILABLE! S1 Ep. 8 Lean In and Listen

S1 Ep. 7: Loaf Or Death Situation

Mimi’s love of steak leads to the tale of a haunted steakhouse and Underground Railroad location in Mequon, WI. Janine discusses the weird and wonderful world of toxic fashion trends in Victorian England. This episode contains a little more Capone, copious amounts of arsenic, and whiter than white bread.

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S1 Ep. 5 Bundy Fundy or Bridge Over Troubled Water

Episode 5 is now available for download! Find it at hauntheads.podbean.com or on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/haunt-heads-podcast/id1229525500?mt=2.

S1 Ep. 5 Bundy Fundy or Bridges Over Troubled Water

Mimi brings you the tale of Seven Bridges in South Milwaukee, WI, and Janine brings Bundy and the story of how his childhood home in Tacoma, WA, might just be haunted. This episode includes movie reviews, true crime, a rant about how ridiculously expensive cable is, a terrible impersonation of Buffalo Bill, and more of Mimi’s infectious laugh.

Michigan’s Stoned or Michigan’s “Stonehenge”


I like to roam the internet for the weird and wonderful and this morning I came upon an article about a 9,000 year old stone structure, located only 40 feet below the surface and Stonehenge-like in composition, from 2015. Nestled snugly between an advertisement for Ink+Volt and a promo for a “free” Numerology reading was¬†a remarkable tale regarding stone structures found at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

The stones are located near Grand Traverse Bay Underwater Preserve. Mark Holley, a professor of underwater archaeology at Northwestern Michigan University College, found the site with his colleague Brian Abbot in 2007. The ship they were piloting was equipped with sonar equipment used to find shipwrecks on the bottom, but the two found much more.

The stones appeared to be lined up, some in octagonal formations, and included one stone on which was carved a mastodon, a prehistoric creature that lived over 10,000 years ago.  Researchers were shown photos of the carving and requested additional imaging of the ancient petroglyph.  Charles Cleland, former curator of Great Lakes archaeology and ethnology at Michigan State University says that, although petroglyphs are rarely seen in the Upper Midwest, he can see the value of investigating further and does not rule out the idea that this may be an authentic piece of ancient history.


The structure at the bottom of Lake Michigan is not unique. Other stone structures have been located in other Great Lakes and ancient structures found underwater are not entirely unusual. In the Mediterranean alone, over 100 cities have been discovered as well as pyramids and other ancient structures. Geographical history of the location (coordinates have been kept secret to prevent visitors from disturbing the site)¬†shows that the land would have been tundra 6000-9000 years ago, so the stones¬†could have been used to mark some sort of ceremonial site. It has also been speculated that the stones could have been some sort of “drive line” and used as early hunting blinds. If you consider the fact that a meager 5% of the world’s oceans have been explored, who knows what else could be down there.


What are your thoughts about the mastodon stone? Let us know in the comments!

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Don’t chew on the walls, kids! S1 Ep.1

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Black River Falls, WI: Hauntings, Murder, & Suicide

There  is little explanation for the events that took place in the small, isolated town of Black River Falls at the end of the 19th century. Between 1890 and 1900 the town, filled with primarily German and Norwegian immigrants, fell victim to a rash of occurrences that very nearly brought the town and all who lived there into complete downfall. Charles Von Schaik, a local photographer, cataloged the events in photo form capturing some 30,000 images. What he captured on film was evidence of vagrancy run rampant, murder-suicide pacts, madness, and the unexplained.


In the 1890’s, Black River Falls was enduring the worst financial crash and commercial depression the country had ever known. Many immigrants had come in hopes of growing or starting a family in the area and the land was very cheap, but upon arrival had realized that the land was worthless, not even worth what they paid. Railroads offered free fare to those eager to move elsewhere. Shortly thereafter, residents began acting strangely. Stories of ghosts and witchcraft swirled and reports of random violence, shootings, and suicides rose. Residents took their lives and were found hanging in barns and from trees on their property. Some accounts of strange behavior include:

  • A farmer blew off his own head by placing it over a hole full of dynamite and lighting the fuse.
  • A woman, concerned about the rash on her back, went outside and doused herself in gasoline then lit a match and self-immolated.
  • A young mother takes her children for a day at the beach and drowns them one by one while the others watch.
  • A fifteen-year-old¬†girl burns her employers barn and house because she “wanted some excitement.” She had burned several buildings of previous employers.
  • A recently divorced man shoots his wife and family dead in the town square.
  • A young man attempts suicide by laying on the train tracks. He had only been living in Black River Falls for about a month. It takes four men to remove him from harm. After this incident, he is never seen or heard from again.
  • A farmer decapitates all of his chickens, convinced that the devil has overtaken his farm.
  • A family offers lodging and food to a drifter who, after the family goes to sleep, shoots them all before shooting himself.
  • A former school teacher, now addicted to cocaine and travelling the country by train, is admitted to the insane asylum for her propensity to break windows. She had been arrested and institutionalized scores of times for the same activity.
  • A ten-year-old boy and his brother run away from home and kill the owner of a remote farm by shooting him in the head. They live on the property for some time before being discovered¬†by the farmer’s brother. The younger boy is caught while the older flees the scene. Authorities capture the older boy, but not before he shoots one of the men. The boy is sentenced to life in the penitentiary.

Today, Black River Falls is a tourist destination and is home to roughly 3,600 souls. People come to the community for camping and shopping¬†and downtown is filled with small shops and restaurants that¬†resemble little of the town depicted in Von Schaik’s photographs. There are no explanations for the behaviors of the residents in the 1880-90’s and answers will likely never be found. Despite that fact, there will always be speculation surrounding the small town and its former inhabitants.


Have you ever visited Black River Falls? Do you have any theories as to why these strange occurrences took place? Do you have a story you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.

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