St. Augustine Light House

St. Augustine Light House is said to be the most haunted place in St. Augustine, FL. Each year, 225,000 visitors scale the 219 steps to the top and 53,000 at risk and underprivileged teens benefit from programs held at the location, including maritime history tours, interactive exhibits, and outreach programs.

The lighthouse began bringing ships safely to shore in 1874 and is the oldest brick structure in St. Augustine. In 1876, a  residence was added where light keepers and their assistants would reside. The paranormal occurrences began after the passing of the original light house keeper.

Haunted Reputation

The first light keeper, a man named Peter Rasmussen, was meticulous and attentive to the premises and to the duties required of him. He had a love of cigars and, as many visitors have expressed, is still making his rounds. Visitors claim they can still smell Rasmussen’s cigar smoke during tours of the property.


The ghost of another keeper, Joseph Andreu, is often seen at the top of the tower. He fell to his death while painting the outside of the tower and many guests say they see his spirit peeking down from the railing at the top.

In the 1800’s, Hezekiah Pity was hired to renovate the keeper’s residence. She brought her two young daughters with her and they are the most well known ghosts on the property. Eliza and Mary died when a supply cart they were playing in rolled down an embankment and into the bay. The girls were unable to jump out once the cart started to roll away. Both sisters drowned. Visitors have heard the girls laughing from the top of the tower late at night and have reported Eliza’s ghost floating above the grounds in the blue dress she died in.


Mysterious Events

Staff members report many strange occurrences including a door at the top of the tower that opens on its own. The door is locked at the end of the day, but is always found to be open when the lighthouse reopens the next morning. Chairs are moved or overturned, various items in the gift shop have gone missing, only to turn up again later in a different location, and music boxes turn on by themselves. Some visitors report feeling cold spots in the keepers quarters and seeing an apparition of a tall man who appears right in front of them and slowly fades away.

Many photos exist online that have been taken by staff members and guests depicting ghostly phenomena, but most are blurry and shaky, making the average skeptic shrug.


Have you ever visited the St. Augustine Light House? Did you experience anything paranormal? Let us know!

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