Haunt Heads: A Podcast that Goes Bump in the Night.

Do you like ghost stories? How about exploring spooky or abandoned places? Have you ever experienced a haunting? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you’ll fit right in with us!

On our podcast, we talk about some of our favorite haunted locations, relating our thoughts and feelings on some of the spookiest and fantastically active locales, past and present and, once we get that far, maybe even read some of your haunting experiences on the show! We might even dabble in some true crime stories because let’s face it, nothing messes with the energy of a place more than murder.

The show should be a lot of fun. There will likely be wine or some sort of malt beverage involved. We’re working on the first few episodes now so STAY TUNED!

Your Fellow Haunt Head,




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